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Itinerary books?

Some of you are probably wondering what the hell an itinerary book is. If you have never heard about it you will have to read this first post before going deeper into my blog.

Any music band has got itinerary books while on tour. It's kind of the bible for any member of the tour staff. They all would be completely lost without his copy of the itinerary book.

The itinerary is kind of a notebook that contains very detailed information about the tour they are working on. Their pages include plenty of data: Schedule, Tour personnel, Timetable, Hotels, Phone numbers, Flight times and many other interesting things they all need to know during their time on the road.

As this is only for tour staff, books are printed in a very limited number so they are not easy to collect. Every single person in the tour staff gets his own itinerary copy. As they are a useful tool for the staff, itinerary books are used on daily bases so it is not rare that they are showing some different level of wear after the tour is over.

There is usually a new itinerary issued for each leg of the tour and sometimes even local itineraries are printed for a specific show or for a mini tour like UK or Scandinavian part of a tour.

One important thing is that the information on the itinerary books is not 100% final and some things might have changed once on the road. Some final changes on travels, hotels or whatever are often decided after the itinerary is printed.

What I will try to compile on this blog is all those U2 itinerary books I have been collecting and also those I have maybe seen somewhere but I unfortunatelly don't own.

I would love you all to cooperate with your comments or information you might have, specially if you own one of those books missing in my collection.

I will only share general information about each book : a couple of pictures, tour or leg that the book belongs to, dates that the itinerary is covering, a couple of curious things I found in the book,....... but I will never share personal information from the books. So please don't ask me about where U2 slept last time they visited your town, if they flew out right after the show or any other kind of information I don't want to share.

You will also see that all pictures I show come with a watermark. This is just for "security" reasons. I don't want anybody to be ripped off on Ebay by someone selling a book that he doesn't really have. If he has it, he can take a picture of it instead of using this blog's pictures.

I hope you all enjoy reading and cooperating with me to make this a great blog for U2 collectors.

Take care

The Collector

U2 October Tour Leg 4 USA 1982

If knowing about the existence of an itinerary book for WAR tour was a huge surprise, imagine how I felt when I knew about this one. We are talking about OCTOBER tour which means 1981-82.

The tour had 3 legs in Europe and 2 in the USA with a total of 102 shows but.... 2 of the European legs were really short with only 5 and 9 shows. How many itineraries for this tour should exist? Answer might be 5 but I have confirmed with someone who worked on the tour, that leg 3 Europe had no itinerary at all. It was just 5 shows and 3 of them where in Ireland so they decided not to print itineraries for the staff. Conclusion: A maximum of 4 different itineraries were issued for the OCTOBER tour.
This OCTOBER tour itinerary that I'm showing covers the 1982 North American leg of the tour. That was the 4th leg of the tour and travelled across the States for a month and a half during February and March 1982.

Concert dates go from a first one at SS President Riverboat in New Orleans on February 11th to a final show at San Francisco Civic Center on March 30th.

As usual, the book is including a day to day coverage of the tour, a list of all the companies working on the tour (Travel Agents, Press and promotion, PA, Lighting, Tracking,....), a list of contact information (management, Promoter,...) and a detailed page for every day on the road with all the info on travelling, hotels, soundchecks,....

On one of the pages there is some writing that gives some details about interviews that Bono, Edge and Adam were having on that day.

Another amazing detail is that the band and tour staff were traveling by rented cars or vans when the distances weren't too big. For instance they used three 4 door sedans rented from Herth to drive from Hartford to Armherts, about 52 miles.

All in all an amazing way of touring if we compare it to nowadays.

Hopefully I can find some other books from this tour very soon. Till then...enjoy !

UPDATE: On July 18th 2015, Bono signed my copy of this itinerary in front of MSG in New York before the U2 show. 

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The Collector

U2 WAR Tour Leg 2 US 1983 (Part 2: May-June)

To know about the existence of this book was a huge surprise when creating this entry in April 2012. I had seen a tour rider for the Unforgettable Fire tour (1984-85) but the oldest itineraries I had ever seen were the books issued for the Joshua Tree tour (1987). I did never expect to find a book for the early tours but here it is. After discovering this gem I also found an itinerary for the Unforgettable Fire tour and even one for the October tour.

This WAR book only covers the North American leg of the WAR tour (1983). This means that we  can expect different books issued for the rest of the legs of the WAR tour. So apart from this one I'm writing about,  4 more books might also exist. Thos books would cover Pre War Tour,  Europe Leg 1, Europe Summer Festivals Leg 3 and Japan Leg 4. Amazing,....isn't it?

Even though on the cover of this book we can read May-June 1983, when we take a look at the concerts list we see it is covering all the 2nd Leg of this tour so it also includes the dates U2 played in USA in April 1983 and not only May-June. In addition we can also find some information for some european summer festivals coming right after the american leg.

The book covers a total of 48 shows starting in Chapel Hill (North Carolina) on April 23rd 1983 and closing on June 29th 1983 at New York's Pier 84.

Comparing the list to the final shows U2 did play on that period of time, I see the match is 100% so no changes at all once the band was on the road.

Only two of those 48 shows were out of the United States: two canadian dates on May 17th and 25th in Toronto and Vancouver.

I'd like to mention also that during this leg U2 played the now famous show at Red Rocks Ampitheater on June 5th 1983. I'm showing a picture of the page for that specific show were among other information we can read "There will be oxygen available for band and crew".

After the leg ended on June 29th, the band was flying straight to Brussels on the 30th as they had a couple of festivals there in the beginning of July.

As mentioned before, the book includes all the information related to Torhout and Werchter Festivals.

It's nice to see that the tour personnel page is just listing a total of 18 people, including the 4 members of the band and Paul McGuinness. So apart from the 5 of them, only 13 more people were working with them on the tour. Big changes were still to come....

The book is also including a list of all the companies working on the tour (Travel Agents, Press and Promotion, PA, Lighting, Tracking,....), a list of contact information (Management, Promoter,...) and a detailed page for every day on the road with all the info on travelling, hotels, soundchecks,....

That's it. We'll see if I can find other itineraries from this tour that I can share with you . Enjoy ! 

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This book is missing in my collection so if you own it and want to sell, trade or just share some information with us please contact me at:  xbalart gmail com. 

The Collector

Thanks to AKI for his help !

U2 The Unforgettable Fire Tour Spring Tour USA 1985

In October 2012, 27 years after the Unforgettable Fire Tour hit America I knew about the existance of itinerary books for that amazing tour. It was awesome to find this out......but not a big surprise after having discovered months earlier that U2 had already issued in 1983 itinerary books for WAR tour.

As I said on previous entries, if there were itineraries for War tour...it was more than possible that there were Unforgettable Fire tour itineraries also. And here they are......

This is the only book I have found from this tour right now but we can expect at least five other books in order to cover the different legs of the 1984-85 tour (a total of 6 including 1985 european summer festivals).

Under a transparent plastic cover,  the red and black cover shows, starting at the top, a big U2 logo, the name of the album The Unforgettable Fire, a picture of the band (the same used on Pride (in the name of love) single) and the text Spring Tour USA 1985. The book comes with a thick black plastic spiral bound.
The book belongs to the 5th leg of The Unforgettable Fire tour, which travelled across North America for almost 2 months and a half on Spring 1985. U2 played a total of 40 shows starting in Dallas on February 25th and closing with 2 shows in Fort Lauderdale on May 3rd and 4th.

If we check the shows listed on the book, just a few differences can be found versus the final list of concerts.

A 2nd show in Honolulu on March 3rd was on the schedule but actually never happened. On the opposite U2 played three shows in East Rutherford, so March 15th concert was a last minute addition. Those three shows were scheduled at Brendan Byrne Arena but they were finally held at Meadowlads Arena.

The last curiosity in terms of shows list is that close to the Forth Lauderdale Sportatorium name we can read the word "Possibly" in reference to the May 5th show so it seems that this 2nd show at the sunny city was not confirmed when the book was printed.

This leg not only included shows in the United States but also 3 shows in Canada (Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa).

Regarding the shows, this leg saw U2 playing at Madison Square Garden for the first time. Same happened for San Francisco's Cow Palace or The Spectrum at Philly.

It's also nice to see that tour personnel was still quite limited if we compare it with later tours. U2 and close personnel were a total of 11 people only while Crew were a total of 27 people. All in all a total of 38 people that now seems a tiny group of people for U2. It's curious to find Greg Carrol listed among the Crew members. The band met him on the Aussie leg and he joined the Crew for the rest of the tour.

As usual the book also includes Hotel master pages for band and crew, a contact sheet page with information about the companies involved in the tour and a specific page to cover every single day on the road.

That's all.... let's see if we can see itineraries for the rest of the legs of this tour.
Enjoy !

UPDATE: I got Bono and Adam Clayton to sign this rare book in Barcelona when the i+e tour arrived to the city in the beginning of October 2015.

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The Collector

U2 The Joshua Tree Tour Leg 1 Itinerary USA SPRING 1987

Once The Unforgettable Fire Tour finished we had to wait for a couple of years to see U2 on tour again. It was in 1987 when they hit the road again with their amazing The Joshua Tree tour.

Three legs of the tour means in this case 3 different itinerary books, and this one I'm showing is the first one.

The black and white cover shows the Joshua Tree right in the middle with a The Joshua Tour text on the top and a USA Spring 1987 text on the bottom. This is the only original book.

I have also known that there are reprints out in the market with a gold cover with black letters but they are only that... REPRINTS. Those reprints are taken from the original book but not all the information on the original itinerary was copied on the reprints. You can see a picture of a reprint under the original book picture.

The book contains information from April 1st 1987 when a Production Rehearsal took place at A.S.U. Events Centre in Tempe, Arizona to May 17th when the tour was over and they all returned home from New Jersey.

Even though first pages are listing tour events from April 1st, once you take a look at the book you find also information for the previous week.

The band arrived in L.A. on March 24th and the advice on the book for that day is "Acclimatise onesself and accept culture shock syndrome".

It was on that week, on the 27th, when the band recorded "Where the streets have no name" video on the rooftop of a liquor store in downtown Los Angeles. Click on the picture to see some of the information about the video shoot.

Production rehearsals began on March 28th and took place until April 1st, just one day before the opening show.

The group considered as "Group and management" was only 16 people. The rest of staff, considered "Crew Personel" was 38 people.....nothing compared with more recent tours in terms of number of people.

On Sunday May 17th U2 and their management left JFK airport to Dublin and they had a few days off before the start of the European Leg.

My copy of this book was signed in Berlin by Bono in September 2015.

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The Collector

U2 The Joshua Tree Tour Leg 2 Itinerary Europe 1987

Only 8 days after they have returned to Dublin once the 1st leg had finished, U2 and their management were flying to Rome. It was the first stop of the European leg of the Joshua Tree tour and a new itinerary book was handed to everyone working on the tour.

Front cover of this book was basically the same that the american one had but orange was the selected colour in this case. Here you can see the picture of the front cover and also the back cover which was signed by Adam Clayton outside Nou Camp stadium in Barcelona on July 2nd 2009 as he was leaving after the recording of some close shots for the "I'll go crazy if I don't go crazy tonight" video.

It was on May 26th 1987 when U2 landed in Rome and they went directly to the Stadio Flamino for the soundcheck.

U2 not only played stadiums on this leg but they also played in front of 5.000 or 6.000 people audiences in some european cities. Worth to mention is Paris, where they played in front of 6.000 people on June 15th to return about 20 days later for a show in front of 80.000 people.

Tour personnel was already growing. Management group was 17 people while crew included more than 60 people.

This european leg was organized in a way that the band could return home to spend a couple of days with their families basically after each concert. So U2 were running away from the stadium while the audience was still cheering them, got on the plane and slept at home. Usually the same day of the next show they flew out from Dublin to the next destination of the tour.

The final show of the european leg was in Cork, on August 7th and even though it is only a 40 minutes flight from Dublin the band decided to arrive in Cork one day before the show and stayed there until the day after the show. They probably partied out to celebrate the end of the leg as they usually do.

Some time ago, I found this picture on internet that made me think that there was a "leather cover" version of this book. It is not actually that way. Even though it looks like an itinerary book, it is a Diary that was given to part of the staff who worked on the tour.

As you can see it had gold letters engraved on the black leather detailing not only U2 and the tour leg but also the words SUPERMICK and LIGHTS.

Once I checked the European itinerary I noticed that SUPERMICK LIGHTS is the company that was in charge of the lights during that leg. So we might think this diary was given to the people from that company that worked on the U2 tour.

This confirms that this leather cover book is definitely NOT an itinerary book.

If you want to know more about these U2 tour Diaries, please check this new entry (HERE)

Next leg.............back in the USA.

A deeper report on this book can be read by following this link (in spanish though):


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U2 The Joshua Tree Tour Leg 3 Itinerary USA SEPT-DEC 1987

Third and final leg of The Joshua Tree tour means a new itinerary for the tour staff. This time blue is the chosen colour for a cover pretty similar to the previous book from this tour.

It's curious that the title on the three books we saw from this tour reads "The Joshua Tour" forgetting about the word Tree.

On September 7th, band and management leave for the States, where the first show of this 3rd leg is planned for the 10th at Nassau Colisseum in NY after a production rehearsal on the 9th.

This time the group is growing to 26 people involved in Band and Management and more than 70 people in Crew.

If we check the list of shows on this itinerary, we see some differences versus the final concerts of this 3rd and final leg of the The Joshua Tree tour. For example the book lists a second show in Philadelphia, on September 26th which never happened. We can also see that the show in Rochester was planned for October 7th and the one in Buffalo on the 11th. It really happened the opposite: U2 played in Buffalo on the 7th and in Rochester on the 11th.

Finally, there are some shows that are not on the book but were added later on, once the book was printed. U2 played in Oakland (Nov 14th), Murfreesboro (Nov 28th) and two final shows in Tempe (Dec 19th and 20th).

There is a second version of this itinerary that seems to have been printed later so most of these final changes are already solved on that second book. You can find all the details HERE.

During the first part of this 3rd leg, the band rented some houses on Long Island, as they already explain on "U2 by U2". Those houses are used as a base for about a month, travelling to many shows from there. For the shows at Madison Square Graden they flew to NY on helicopter.

After leaving the houses, they spent some days in Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles also travelling to many shows from those locations.

As mentioned before, according to the itinerary the tour ends on December 12th and they all are back home on the 13th. The truth is that they added two shows at Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe on December 19th and 20th that were filmed for the "Rattle&Hum" movie.

For those additional dates the staff was given a few paper sheets including all the information related to the dates between December 12th (last show in Hampton) to December 21st (the day after the 2nd show in Tempe).

Final pages on the itinerary book include some Pizza Restaurant adverts and a USA Mileage and Driving Time map.

This was the final leg for The Joshua Tree tour so no more itineraries from that succesfull tour should exist.

Adam Clayton signed my copy of this book in Barcelona in October 2015.

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The Collector

U2 The Joshua Tree Tour Leg 3 Itinerary USA SEPT-DEC 1987 (Album cover)

It happened again....When I was 100% that only 3 different books were issued to cover The Joshua Tree tour, a fourth and different one came up.

It was in February 2016, almost 30 years after the tour ended. Incredible isn't it?

This new book is covering the 3rd and final leg of The Joshua Tree tour, the one that travelled up and down North America from September to December 1997.

Wait......we already knew about a book covering that third and final leg (see HERE). Yes... I know, but this one has got not only a different cover but also some differences.

This time we have a picture of the band on the cover. It looks similar to the cover of the The Joshua Tree album. At the top of the cover we read "U2 The Joshua Tree" while at the bottom we have a "SEPT-DEC 1987" text.

By checking the content of this book I would say this version was printed some time after the blue cover one. I can say this because the shows list is more accurate, more updated than the list on the "blue" book. All dates here are correct and the only information missing belongs to those 4 shows that were added later, when both versions of the book had already been printed. So again Oakland (Nov 14th), Murfreesboro (Nov 28th) and the two final shows in Tempe (Dec 19th and 20th) are missing on this book.

Apart from the cover and the updated shows list there are a few more differences.

This book includes a two pages summary with the band schedule and another two pages with the management schedule. On the top of those pages we see a date that I would consider as the date when this book was printed. That date is September 14th 1987, a few days after the leg had started.

Those pages include not only the shows and days off but plenty of information such as the venues, capacity, kind of venue (indoor, outdoor and dome), base where they would stay and even the day when they should occupant and leave the rented houses in Long Island. Those pages are also summarizing this leg as a "Total of 46 shows in 97 days" with 28 Indoors, 14 Outdoors and 4 Domes.

Another interesting detail is that there are some "rain dates" on the shows list, just in case some of the shows had to postponed. So we have one on December 4th right after the show in Miami and one on the 6th right after the show in Tampa.

One final difference versus the "blue" book is that this one is also including a list with all the companies involved on this leg. This list was missing on the "blue" book but was delivered to the staff on a separate page.

Once again the U2 itineraries bring amazing surprises that you discover here and there every time you take a look at their pages.

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U2 The Joshua Tree Tour Leg 3 USA SEPT-DEC 1987 (CREW Itinerary #1)

As we saw in the past, it is not rare that the management issues different itineraries for the same leg. It usually happens that one is for the band and management and the other one for the Crew.

We are now in front of one of those Crew itineraries. They are for those teams that travel in advance to the cities where the band is going to play in a few days.  These people are in charge of building up the stage and getting everything ready for the arrival of the band gear.... and the band themselves.

We have already seen Crew books for Zoo TV,  Zooropa and 360º tours but we never saw one from the The Joshua Tree tour so this is at the moment the oldest Crew itinerary we ever saw.

This book is covering just a part of the final leg of this tour. We also know about a second Crew book also related to this part of the TJ Tour, but the thing is that both books are not enough to cover all this leg so we can think that other Crew books were issued to cover the rest of this leg and probably other parts of this Joshua Tree tour.

In terms of design, this is a very simple book. A total of 45 pink pages are held in a plastic folder with no cover.

On the front page we can read "30 day itinerary SYSTEM A     Nº 1" so this was issued for the first of the different Crew teams that worked on the tour. Also on that front page we see the planning for the dates between September 10th 1987 and October 9th 1987, when they where loading in at Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburg.

If we check the planning, the first show for this team was in fact the 4th of this leg.

The first 30 pages of this book are a daily plan where the Crew have all the information regarding every specific day and venue, with timings, hotels and some recommendations for their spare time in the area.

As we can see, this A team is only in charge of three of three of the venues that U2 will visit on this first part of the 3rd leg: Meadowlands Stadium in East Rutherford, JFK Stadium in Philadelphia and Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburg.

After those 30 pages, we find 3 different blocks separated by a yellow page. Those 3 block are dedicated to the three  stadiums the team will visit and I just mentioned above. It is rare that no detailed information about Municipal Stadium in Cleveland appears on this books that seems to be 100% complete.

On those 3 blocks dedicated to each one of the 3 stadiums we can find full information including address, operations manager, promoter details, planning for their works at that stadium, staging information, site facilities, and many other useful information the team might need while building up the U2 stage.


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U2 The Joshua Tree Tour Leg 3 USA SEPT-DEC 1987 (CREW Itinerary #2)

This is the second Crew itinerary book I ever saw for The Joshua Tree tour. This book is very similar to the other one we saw from this leg of the tour (See HERE).

In fact, it seems to be the second part of that book. Both books were issued for the "SYSTEM A", one of the crew teams that travelled in advance to built up the stage. While the one that we saw has the text "Itinerary #1" on its cover, this one has a "Itinerary #2" text.

This book is quite short, only 12 pages, but the content is very similar to the other one. This itinerary has also two different parts.

First part lists the day to day itinerary from October 29th to November 5th which basically means the arrival of the team to Indianapolis, the load in at the Hoosier Dome, the show day at that venue and the load out.

On the last page of this first part, we can read something that seems very obvious: "A further itinerary will be issued". This means we can expect many other Crew itineraries from this final leg of the tour.

The second part shows all the technical information about the Indianapolis venue, the above mentioned Hoosier Dome (Address, operations manager, promoter details, planning for their works at that venue, staging information, site facilities, and many other useful information the team might need while building up the U2 stage.)

That's it, probably the shortest itinerary we ever saw, with information related to one show only but very focused on the works before and after the show.


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U2 Love comes to town tour 1989 (Full tour Itinerary)

After the end of The Joshua Tree tour and the release of Rattle&Hum, U2 went back on the road in 1989 with a tour of only 47 shows. This time USA was left out of the tour itinerary as they just played in Australia, New Zealand, Japan and a few European countries. Amazing setlist changes and BBKing support night after night were the highlights of this tour the fans know as "Lovetown tour".

I have found at least 4 different itineraries for this short tour. Amazing !!

This is the first one I want to talk about as it contains information of basically all the tour. Yellow front cover with huge tour logo and the 4 legs of the tour listed on the righthand  side.

This time short tour means a short list of management and crew people (15 + 26). We have to add them a total of 11 "BB King people" including BB himself, his band, a manager, a road manager and a valet responsible.

I got the chance to get this book signed by Bono and Edge in front of their hotel in Paris just hours before their concert at Stade de France on September 18th 2010.

Back to the book we were talking about , a World Time Zones map is included in the itinerary book this time.

This itinerary is covering the long period from September 9th to December 31st but we can read on its pages that european section of the tour had not finalised when it was printed so some of the information concerning timings and hotels might change.

Crew arrived in Sydney on September the 4th and worked on the production until U2 and the management people landed on the 9th to start rehearsing on the 10th. BB King and his group did not arrive in Australia until the 14th & 15th on two different flights.

On Monday September 18th with they all already in Perth, the first of three full production rehearsals was scheduled at Entertainment Centre.

After Australia U2 flew to New Zealand and Japan before heading to Europe. Their plans were to spend about 10 days in Bangkok between New Zealand and Japan legs and  fly back to Dublin on December 2nd '89 once the japanese tour was over.

Years later I found this page on internet where the tour management informs the crew on some changes to the itinerary. In this case it was information about hotel changes for Sydney and Christchurch.

I will go deeper on those legs when blogging about the other Lovetown itineraries.

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